Hearing Aid Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting Your Hearing Aids

If your hearing aid is not working check these items:

Battery: Put a brand new battery in the hearing aid.  Be sure the battery is the right size and is inserted correctly.  Use of a battery tester can help you determine when a battery needs to be replaced.

Battery Door: Be sure the battery door is closed completely (snapped shut) when the hearing aid is being used.Slider1

Wax: Look at the canal end of the hearing aid and find the little white sound tube.  Check to see if the hearing aid is plugged with wax.  You will need to use a bright light to see into the sound tube.  If the tube is plugged, use a little wire tool provided with the hearing aid and carefully pick the wax out.  BE CAREFUL not to push the wax down into the tube.  Remember there is a speaker at the other end of the tube, so do not go too far into the hole.

Correct Positioning: Be sure that the hearing aid is positioned in the ear correctly and pushed firmly into the ear canal.  Look at the top ridge of the outer ear (the helix) and be sure the top of the aid is tucked in behind the skin.  Look at the bottom of the ear and make sure the hearing aid is inside the notch.  Be sure the hearing aid is in the correct ear.  Some hearing aids have red markings for the right ear and blue for the left ear.  If the hearing aid hurts, your Audiologist can help.

Switch Settings: If there is an on/off switch on the hearing aid, be sure the switch on “M” for microphone and “T” for telephone or “O” for off.FrontPageHearing

Tubing: If the hearing aid is a behind-the-ear type, check to be sure the tubing is not twisted or plugged.  Hold it up to the light and look for drops of moisture in the tubing.  Be sure the tubing has not become hard or cracked and that it is still firmly attached to the earmold.

Volume Control: The volume control should be set correctly.  It should not be all the way off and usually should not be all the way on.  Forward or up is louder, backward or down is softer.

Whistling: If the hearing aid whistles:

  1. be sure the aid is inserted correctly (see item above)
  2. be sure the volume is not turned up too high (see item above)
  3. be sure there is no wax in the ear canal

If the hearing aid still whistles you should see your Audiologist as it may be a fitting issue.

Booklets: Read the instruction booklet that came with the hearing aid.

If you have further questions or need help ask one of our Audiologists at HearSay Speech & Hearing Centre

If you are still having problems and cannot correct your problem call us now to book an appointment and we’ll be able to help.

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