What is Literacy

Literacy is most often regarded as an ability to read and write, but it encompasses much more than just those skills alone.  In addition to being able to read a written passage, literacy also refers to the ability to fully understand what is read and to express oneself in writing. The ability to answer questions, make predictions, or retell a story in an effective manner are all elements of literacy.

Concerns in Literacy Development

Reading and writing struggles can begin early on in literacy development.  Difficulties can present themselves before a child truly begins reading.  Concepts like identifying the sound each letter of the alphabet makes or the ability to hear individual sounds in the words we say (for example, the word “dog” begins with the sound /d/) can be early predictors of literacy challenges to come.

Once a child is reading, problems can occur as words and letter combinations become more complex.  Sounding out words at this level can take a lot of time and many attempts, slowing down a child’s reading.  Due to the delay in figuring out what is written, there can be breakdown in comprehension, making it difficult to answer questions, summarize, or retell a story.

How Can We Help?

If you have concerns about your child’s success in reading, spelling, writing or other areas of Literacy, one of our Registered Speech Language Pathologists (SLP) can perform an assessment to determine the specific areas of difficulty and how best to support your child’s learning.  Once an SLP has set goals for your child, one of our team of Registered Speech-Language Pathologists or Communicative Disorders Assistants can work with your child to strengthen their literacy skills, and become successful readers and writers.

What Can You Do?

Call us on (905) 875-3345 or fill this form to schedule a free screening and let our specialized team determine whether a literacy assessment is warranted. Let us help you develop a treatment plan to support your child’s learning.  There is no need for a Doctor’s referral and no waiting list, we will schedule an appointment with you as soon as possible.


Assessments and Therapy are often covered by extended benefits, please feel free to ask us for more information or contact your benefit provider.

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