Our Team

Yvonne Oliveira
Speech-Language Pathologist & Audiologist

Yvonne is a dually certified Speech-Language Pathologist and Audiologist. Having completed her undergraduate degree in the areas of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology at California State University, Chico she then proceeded to complete both the Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology Masters degrees concurrently at the University of Western Ontario where she graduated in 1998 (SLP) and 1999 (Aud.). She spent a number of years working in the educational setting within a specialized hearing impaired program which facilitated the use of Auditory-Verbal therapy. Yvonne is a certified Auditory-Verbal Therapist (Cert. AVT) and works in conjunction with VOICE for Hearing Impaired Children, Halton/Peel Chapter where she works on speech, language and listening goals with hearing impaired children and adults. She is involved in mentoring Teachers of the Deaf in the philosophies of auditory verbal therapy across the Halton and Peel district school boards.

Yvonne teaches college-level audiology courses for the Communicative Disorders Program at Durham College in Oshawa. She provides assessment and therapy in the areas of articulation, apraxia, oral motor disorders, language, and Pervasive Developmental Disorders such as autism, global delay, mutism, and literacy.  She has specific training in areas of early language where she has Hanen Certification for “It Takes Two to Talk,” and holds PROMPT (PROMPTs for Restructuring Oral Musculature Phonetic Targets) Level 1 Certification, as well as being trained in the use of Phoneme Touch and Say.

Rui Oliveira

Rui is a certified Audiologist. He provides hearing assessments, hearing aid evaluations, and re-checks, as well as fittings, individual counseling, and earmold impressions. Rui can both prescribe and dispense hearing aids in accordance with the practice guidelines set out by the Canadian Audiology and Speech Language Pathology Association of Ontario (CASLPO). He is certified through the Canadian Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (CASLPA). Rui works in conjunction with Dr. Aimee Mabini, Ear Nose and Throat (ENT) specialist in the Halton region where he provides testing and counselling to children through to adults.

Heather Jurchuk
Speech-Language Pathologist

Heather is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist.  She has experience working with pre-school, school aged and adult populations in the areas of language development, articulation/phonology, stuttering, motor speech/apraxia of speech and voice disorders.  She also has extensive experience working with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).  She is certified in the use of PROMPT strategies and by Hanen for the “It Takes Two to Talk” program. Additionally, she is skilled in the Fluency Plus approach to stuttering and has experience implementing and utilizing the Picture Exchange Communication System (PECS) for early language development.  Heather enjoys designing client-centered assessments/treatments and actively encourages the involvement of clients’ caregivers in her treatment approach.

Heather graduated from the University of Toronto with a Master of Health Science in Speech-Language Pathology.  She is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO), and is a member of the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists & Audiologists (OSLA).

Samantha Lewis
Speech-Language Pathologist

Samantha is a Speech-Language Pathologist and graduate of the University of Toronto’s Master of Health Science in Speech-Language Pathology program.   Samantha’s interest in Speech-Language Pathology started with her passion for learning new languages.  She completed her Honours Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto, with a major in Linguistics and minors in Psychology and French Linguistics. She is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO), and is a member of the Ontario Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists (OSLA).

Samantha has experience working in a variety of areas including early speech and language development, fluency, literacy, and adult neurological rehabilitation.  Samantha is also P-ESL trained (Pronouncing English as a Second Language) and enjoys helping clients to achieve their English pronunciation and accent modification goals.

Natasha Makubuya
Speech-Language Pathologist

Natasha is a Speech-Language Pathologist graduate from the University of Sydney in Australia, with a Bachelor of Arts in Speech and Language Sciences from Brock University.  She has experience working with pre-school, school-aged and adult demographics in a variety of care settings.  She is registered with the College of Audiologists and Speech-Language Pathologists of Ontario (CASLPO).

Natasha has a diverse range of practice working in the areas of early speech and language development including phonological awareness, fluency and adult neurological rehabilitation.  She is passionate about working with all clients while maintaining focus on creating and delivering a client/family-centred practice in both assessment and treatment stages.

Michelle Baum
Communicative Disorders Assistant

Michelle is a Communicative Disorders Assistant (CDA) graduate from St. Lawrence College, with a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Guelph.  She developed an interest in speech and language while teaching English as a second language in South Korea.  She became passionate about finding effective ways to help students learn the language, how to pronounce English speech sounds, and how to read.

As a CDA, Michelle is dedicated to helping clients overcome barriers in communication and learning. She has experience working on a variety of communication needs including Autism, social communication, receptive and expressive language, articulation, and literacy.  Michelle is also a Pyramid Certified PECS Implementer with experience in teaching Augmentative Communication.  She enjoys working with clients of all ages, helping them to meet communication goals.