What Is Auditory Processing Disorder?

When someone speaks to us, their vocal cords send vibrations out into the air. Those vibrations hit our eardrum, which turns them into electrical signals. Those signals travel up to the language centre of our brain, which interprets them. But when you have an auditory processing disorder, the last step doesn’t always go smoothly. Is […]

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What is Literacy Literacy is most often regarded as an ability to read and write, but it encompasses much more than just those skills alone.  In addition to being able to read a written passage, literacy also refers to the ability to fully understand what is read and to express oneself in writing. The ability […]

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What is Articulation Articulation is the movement of the tongue, lips, jaw, and other speech organs in order to make speech sounds.  Speech sounds are made by simply expelling air from the lungs. However, in order to produce sounds that form speech two speech organs need to make contact with each other, which will create […]

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