Speech Therapy In Milton For Teenagers & Adults

If you are looking for speech therapy in Milton you’ll want to find a professional team that has experience with you or your child’s age group: whether child, teen, or adult. Speech therapy for teens and adults requires different strategies for success to be implemented by your Speech-Language Pathologist, compared to working with children who […]

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How to Support Your Child When They Have Hearing Loss

If your child has hearing loss, or you suspect they may have hearing loss, it’s critical to get a diagnosis and the professional support they need right away. Some children are born with hearing loss that isn’t noticeable until they are older. Others suffer constant ear infections or other illnesses that impact their hearing. Some […]

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How Speech Therapy Can Increase Your Child’s Confidence This School Year

Children who avoid taking risks in school, like reading out loud, making presentations, or answering questions, hold themselves back from reaching their full potential. Unfortunately, children with speech and language difficulties often lack the confidence they need to fully engage in the classroom. Speech therapy in Milton at HearSay can help them gain the self-assurance […]

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