Advancements In Hearing Aid Technology

One of the most exciting parts of working at our clinic is seeing how new advances in hearing aid technology can improve our patients’ lives in ways we never would have thought possible years ago.

If you were frustrated with hearing aids in the past, you’ll be surprised by all the advances that have been made to positively change your quality of life. If you’d like to get a new hearing aid, our registered Audiologists can show you how the latest hearing aid technology can help address those concerns.

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Directional Hearing

Thanks to the development of directional microphones, hearing aids can adapt to environments where sounds are coming in from multiple directions. In the past, hearing aid users might have struggled in environments with heavy background noise, but now their hearing aids can better focus on the sounds they want to hear. They can also better follow someone who moves around while they speak. Hearing aid users typically prefer different settings on their hearing aids for different environments, and they can now easily adjust their hearing aids themselves.

Keeping You Connected

Hearing aid manufacturers have incorporated Blue-tooth technology into their products. This allows you to connect your hearing aids to your phone, your computer, or even your television. You can take calls, listen to music, or watch a show using your hearing aid. While many of our younger clients are thrilled by this, we understand that some older adults might prefer not to trouble themselves with Bluetooth connections. If there are features you think won’t benefit your lifestyle, just tell your Audiologist so we can help you find the perfect hearing aid for your needs.

Hearing Aids Outside

Those with busy, active lifestyles no longer have to worry about whether their hearing aids will be able to keep up with them. Manufacturers are now offering models that can reduce the sound of wind while walking or hiking. Some hearing aid models are also very resistant to moisture, so you can sweat in them or be active in wet environments. Of course, there are benefits to these features at home, too. For example, some hearing aids can be worn in the shower!

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