Grants, Financial Assistance, And Insurance Coverage

Ontario’s Assistive Devices Program

The Assistive Devices Program (ADP) is open to Ontario residents with a valid Ontario Health card and who are in need of a hearing aid(s) and/or a hearing assistance device.

Please note that income is not considered when reviewing who receives a grant for their hearing aid. However, you may not qualify if you already receive financial assistance from the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board or from Veterans Affairs Canada.

Types Of Hearing Devices Covered

  • Hearing aids and FM systems
  • Cochlear implant replacement speech processors
  • Bone anchored hearing aid replacement sound processors
  • Teletypewriters for the deaf or speech-impaired

Amount Covered

If you qualify, ADP will cover up to 75% of the cost of:

  • Hearing aids - up to a maximum amount of $500 for each aid
  • FM systems - up to a maximum of $1,350

The Audiologist will provide you with a completed ADP form for your physician to sign which we will then send to ADP. The grant will be paid directly to the clinic and you are only required to pay the remaining balance.

Replacement Hearing Devices

You can apply for a replacement if:

  • Your medical condition has changed and your current equipment no longer meets your needs
  • After 3 to 5 years, your equipment is worn out, no longer covered by warranty, and cannot be repaired at a reasonable cost

Please note that the ADP will not cover costs to replace a lost hearing device, or to repair equipment damaged through misuse or neglect.

Other Programs That Offer Financial Assistance

You can receive up to 100% coverage if you receive financial support through these programs:

  • Assistance for Children with Severe Disabilities
  • Ontario Works
  • Ontario Disability Support Program
  • Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)
  • Veterans Affairs Canada (VAC)

If you receive assistance from these programs, talk to your Audiologist about how to process your financial support.

Insurance Coverage: Hearing Aids And Speech-Language Pathology Services

Some insurance providers partially cover the cost of hearing aids and speech-language pathology services, while others do not. The amount of coverage you receive will depend on your provider and your plan. Contact your insurance provider for more information. If you qualify for a partial insurance reimbursement, we will provide you with the necessary documentation or help you fill out any forms required by your insurance provider.

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