How Speech Therapy Can Increase Your Child’s Confidence This School Year

Children who avoid taking risks in school, like reading out loud, making presentations, or answering questions, hold themselves back from reaching their full potential. Unfortunately, children with speech and language difficulties often lack the confidence they need to fully engage in the classroom. Speech therapy in Milton at HearSay can help them gain the self-assurance […]

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Tips For Students With Hearing Loss

Students with hearing loss face special challenges at university and college. But, there are more resources than ever to help you succeed at school. If you are a student who has recently been identified with hearing loss, HearSay provides you with the following tips to achieve academic success.

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Do You Have Single-Sided Hearing Loss?

We frequently deal with single-sided hearing loss at our hearing clinic in Milton. This type of hearing loss occurs when one ear suffers hearing loss while the other is healthy. Unfortunately, one ear can’t work as well without the other. Instead, those who suffer from single-sided hearing loss will struggle to locate the source of […]

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