Common Symptoms Of Hearing Loss

What encourages people to visit HearSay for hearing tests and hearing aids in Milton? These common symptoms of hearing loss are often why people come in to see us.

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1. Your TV Is So Loud It Makes Others Uncomfortable

When a family member walks into the room and complains about the volume of the television, it’s a sign that you’re compensating for hearing issues by increasing the volume. At our clinic, we offer hearing aids in Milton with the ability to connect to your television so you can hear every word of your favourite show.

2. Family Members Suggest That You Have Hearing Troubles

If your spouse or close family member suggests that it’s time for a hearing test, they are probably right. People who aren’t as close to you might avoid mentioning your hearing issues because they don’t want to hurt your feelings. But if someone you trust thinks you might have hearing loss, take them seriously and schedule a test.

3. You Ask People to Repeat Themselves

Do you think people are always mumbling or whispering? If you need to ask people to repeat themselves frequently, you might have hearing loss. As we tend to lose hearing at higher frequencies first, it’s particularly likely you have hearing loss if you’re struggling to hear children and women, who usually have higher pitched voices.

4. Noisy Areas Make The Problem Worse

If meeting in a coffee shop is more frustrating than enjoyable, or, if when you’re watching the kid’s hockey game you have trouble talking to those sitting next to you, hearing loss could be the root of the problem. Background noise often makes it harder for those with hearing loss to pick out the specific sounds they want to hear.

5. You Feel Left Out Of Conversations

If you feel like conversations are taking place without you, it’s possible that your hearing loss is making it more difficult to follow conversations. Sometimes those with hearing loss feel that their loved ones are actively excluding them, and that just isn’t the case. The right hearing aid will help you enjoy socializing again and make it easier to hear each of your friends while they’re speaking.

Looking For A Hearing Centre in Toronto And The GTA? Visit HearSay

If you recognize any of the signs of hearing loss listed above, it’s time to schedule an appointment at a reputable hearing centre in Toronto or in the Greater Toronto Area. At HearSay Speech and Hearing Centre in Milton, our Audiologists can conduct a hearing assessment to determine if you’re suffering from hearing loss. We also offer hearing aids in Milton that will enhance your ability to communicate and socialize with friends and family. Contact us to schedule an appointment and improve your hearing health.

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