Common Troubleshooting Tips for Your Hearing Aid

When your hearing aids aren’t working properly, it’s easy to get frustrated. We know you depend on your hearing aids, so we developed this guide to help you fix the most common hearing aid problems we see at our hearing clinic. Have your manufacturer’s guide with you as you go through this guide, so that you can see how your hearing aid is supposed to be connected.

If Your Hearing Aids Stopped Working

If there is no sound at all coming from your hearing aid, the first step is to check that the hearing aid is on and that the volume is turned up. Sometimes these things get switched off by accident.

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Then check the battery – is it placed in correctly, with the positive (+) end in the right place? If so, it’s possible the battery is dead. Replace the battery, or, if your hearing aids are re-chargeable, give them some time to charge.

If this doesn’t fix your hearing aid, you should look to make sure that it is connected properly and that nothing is blocking the microphone, the receiver opening, and any vent openings.

If Your Hearing Aids Seem Quiet

If you notice that your hearing seems to have quieted, perhaps to barely above the level of hearing you achieve on a hearing test, there are a few things you can check on your own. First, it’s possible that the battery is almost dead, or that the volume has been unintentionally turned down. Replace the battery or charge your hearing aid, and experiment with the volume control.

Next, check to see that the hearing aid is fitting properly. If you find something has come unattached, or the hearing aid doesn’t seem to be sitting where it should, contact us. Your Audiologist will adjust the hearing aid for you.

If your fit appears fine, it is possible the hearing aid is blocked by ear wax, or that the hearing aid has been damaged by moisture or from impact. For these issues, you’ll need professional help from our Audiologist to get the hearing aid working again.

Lastly, it’s also possible that your hearing has changed. If you suspect that this is the case, book an appointment for a hearing test at a hearing clinic in Toronto or the surrounding areas. An Audiologist will work with you to adjust your hearing aids for these changes, and look into the cause of your hearing loss.

Looking For A Hearing Clinic in Toronto Or The Surrounding Areas? Visit HearSay

If you’re having difficulty with your hearing aid, the professional Audiologists at HearSay Speech and Hearing Centre can help. Our certified Audiologists will work with you to get your hearing aid working again, or fit you with a new hearing aid. Contact us to schedule an appointment or book a hearing test.

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