How Hearing Aids Can Help Tinnitus

While many are familiar with tinnitus (an annoying ringing sound in the ears not caused by external sources), few realize that you can use hearing aids to get relief! While some people without hearing loss may have tinnitus, the condition can also be caused by hearing issues. In either case, our hearing centre in Milton offers hearing aids that might provide some relief.

How Do Hearing Aids Help Tinnitus?

Tinnitus is a high-pitched noise that, in some cases, can even drown out the sounds of people speaking to you. Hearing aids can mask the sound of tinnitus by allowing you to turn up the volume so you can better hear the people and things around you. The louder those sounds, the easier it is for your brain to ignore the ringing sound caused by tinnitus. It is even possible for the brain to adapt, and the neural pathways to change, which can reduce your tinnitus permanently. Regular hearing aid use can help minimize the effect of tinnitus.

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Which Hearing Aids Work Best?

Not all hearing aids will help with tinnitus. Research has found that instead of using a single hearing aid, patients get better results from bilateral (both ears) hearing aids. An open style also can be of benefit. It is best to keep the noise reduction controls turned off. If you are unfamiliar with these specifications, a certified Audiologist can guide you to the best hearing aids in Milton for your needs.

You should also get your hearing aids fitted so they feel comfortable and work seamlessly, which is another service offered by reputable hearing centres in Milton and the GTA. Research has found that tinnitus is better masked if the range of the hearing aid covers the frequency of the tinnitus. It may take a few appointments in order to make adjustments to get the best results.

Tinnitus Treatment From HearSay Speech And Hearing Centre In Milton

While there are several treatments available for tinnitus, hearing aids are often a good place to start. HearSay’s certified Audiologists are experienced in treating tinnitus and preventing further damage to your hearing. We provide clients with hearing aids in Milton and the surrounding areas to treat tinnitus and hearing loss. Contact us to book an assessment and talk about your options for tinnitus treatment.

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