How Speech Therapy in Milton Can Help With Accents

There are many personal and professional reasons that someone with an accent may want to learn to adjust their speech. For example, if you find a friend, co-worker, or customer has a harder time hearing you than most people, you’re not alone. Certain people have a “bad ear” for accents and simply can’t adjust as well as others to unfamiliar accents. If you want help being better understood, speech therapy in Milton can help.

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Our Speech-Language Pathologists can help those with accents focus on the following speech elements:

  • Emphasizing a different part of the word or stressing the right syllable.
  • Using intonation, so native speakers know whether you are asking a question or making a statement.
  • Learning a sound the English language uses that your native language does not.
  • Modifying the placement of your lips, tongue, and jaw to express the right sounds.
  • Learning how it looks and feels to make the right sound.
  • Improving your understanding of and use of idioms, colloquialisms, and slang.
  • Modifying the flow or speed of your speaking voice.
  • Modifying the volume of your speaking voice.

After investing in speech therapy, you will develop new muscle memory that makes it easier for you to speak and for your friends and co-workers to communicate with you.

Why Get Speech Therapy For Accents?

It can be hard for you to identify where your accent causes confusion for other people, or exactly how you can adjust your words. This is especially true because every accent relies on different sounds and patterns of speech. A certified Speech-Language Pathologist is equipped to handle accents from every part of the world and every language. They have specialized exercises that can help you modify your speech, even if you’ve struggled to clarify your speech on your own for years.

Have An Accent? See a Speech-Language Pathologist At HearSay

Contact HearSay to schedule your first appointment. We offer speech therapy in Milton and the surrounding areas to benefit patients of all ages with accents or other speech concerns. Our experienced and professional Speech-Language Pathologists will help you identify which parts of your speech are affected by your accent, and provide you with exercises and strategies that will make a real difference.

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