What is Fast ForWord

Fast ForWord® is an online intervention program designed to target the root causes of language and reading difficulty, and produce rapid learning gains.  Using the principles of neuroplasticity, Fast ForWord® was created by renowned neuroscientists to permanently improve the brain’s processing speed, which makes reading and all learning easier.  Each exercise focuses on a specific set of reading or language tasks while simultaneously developing memory, attention, processing speed and sequencing skills (the cognitive skills essential to reading and academic success).

The ability to read starts with how the brain perceives and processes sounds. Fast ForWord® directly targets the underlying causes of language and reading difficulty.

Did you know:

  • The brain can increase its capacity to learn over a lifetime?
  • Language acquisition at an early age has a direct connection to how your brain develops its ability to read?
  • How well you process sounds, or the smallest part of a word, such as “ba” in the word “bat”, will directly affect your ability to associate sounds with letters?
  • Neural circuits are continuously redefined through experience and learning?

AUDITORY-PROCESSING difficulties also contribute to reading struggles. When something interrupts the brain’s ability to process sounds, it can be difficult to distinguish between words, like rock, rocks, and rocked for example.

We Can Help Struggling Readers at a Neurological Level

Here’s how:

  1. Check for discrimination of similar sounds, such as pig, peg and peck. Children must first identify differences in sounds (e.g., b/d) before being able to learn which sound goes with each letter. Studies show that the ability to make these small distinctions is strongly linked to success in reading.
  2. Provide instruction that’s intense, motivating and frequent. Brain change happens when a task is done frequently, is motivating and allows for repeated practice.
  3. Work on vocabulary from an early age. Research shows that students who are exposed to more words as toddlers and young children have greater prereading skills when they get to school.
  4. Have children work on listening accuracy, auditory sequencing and phonological memory. A Cornell University study demonstrated that students with dyslexia who used Fast ForWord®, a program that emphasizes these skills, achieved significant improvements in oral language and reading.

The benefits of Fast ForWord® use for children with hearing impairment

Children with hearing loss often experience delays in language acquisition and reading development. Typically, this is because their exposure to spoken language and other forms of auditory input is limited by their hearing deficit.  Even with the assistance of amplification devices or cochlear implants, these children often require direct language instruction, and many continue to struggle with language and reading. The Fast ForWord® products are a valuable part of a well-designed intervention program because they provide the intensive, structured auditory and linguistic stimulation these children need to develop oral language and literacy skills.

To ensure the best outcome for each child, it is important to address individual learning and behavioral needs. For children with hearing impairment, some of those considerations will relate to the child’s hearing profile and the use of hearing aids and/or cochlear implant. The team at HearSay Speech and Hearing Centre will ensure that your child has the appropriate setup for use with Fast ForWord®.

Research Validated, Enduring Results

  • Fast ForWord® is the only reading intervention that has been substantiated by research at Rutgers, Stanford, Harvard, MIT, Cornell, and other premiere research institutions
  • Students can make up to 2 years’ gain in 3 months in reading and language skills.
  • Beyond improved language and reading skills, students experience gains in confidence, test-taking skills, and attention necessary for all learning.
  • With over 55 patents in neuroscience and education and 250+ research studies,Fast ForWord® delivers dramatic results for even the most struggling of readers

Contact HearSay if you’d like to discuss how Fast ForWord can benefit your child.

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