Do You Have Single-Sided Hearing Loss?

We frequently deal with single-sided hearing loss at our hearing clinic in Milton. This type of hearing loss occurs when one ear suffers hearing loss while the other is healthy. Unfortunately, one ear can’t work as well without the other. Instead, those who suffer from single-sided hearing loss will struggle to locate the source of noises, and struggle to hear on their effected side. If you have single-sided hearing loss, visiting our hearing centre in Milton can help. But how do you know if you have it?

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Signs You Or Your Child Might Have Single-Sided Hearing Loss

  1. You’re exposed to loud noise on one side.

Those who work with heavy machinery often will suffer hearing loss on the side closer to the source of the noise. Those currently or previously involved with the army, navy, and military may also experience single-sided hearing loss from being exposed to artillery noises.

  1. Your child often searches for the source of a sound.

One-sided hearing loss can be present from birth. Children with this condition are often confused about where sounds come from and might suffer other signs of hearing loss, including slow language development.

  1. Sounds are louder on one side.

Often hearing damage happens so slowly that we don’t notice! And while you would probably notice single-sided hearing damage if the exact same sound was played on each side of your ears, how often does that happen in real life? We might convince ourselves that the television just got quieter, the washing machine stopped spinning, and that the changes in sound are just environmental. You can actively test yourself by turning your body away from a constant sound. If it sounds slightly softer on one side, it’s time to get a hearing test. As a preliminary hearing screening, you can try HearSay’s screening to determine whether one ear is hearing better than the other.

Single-Sided Hearing Loss Support from HearSay

The good news is that there are very effective ways to compensate for one-sided hearing loss. Our Milton hearing centre offers support from certified Audiologists who can conduct a hearing test, find the best hearing aid for your needs, and help prevent further damage to your hearing.  We also offer speech and language therapy for children who have delays due to hearing issues, including one-sided hearing loss. Contact HearSay today to get support for your single-sided hearing loss at our hearing clinic in Milton.

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