How Speech-Language Pathologists Help Kids With Delays in Speech, Language and Literacy

Speech-Language Pathologists can work with children of any age to improve their speech and language skills in several areas. A Speech-Language Pathologist is needed whether the child has a speech disorder without apparent cause, or whether they have autism spectrum disorder, down syndrome, orofacial myology, or many other conditions.

The first step is a comprehensive assessment where the Speech-Language Pathologist determines which skills your child lacks. After identifying which areas of speech and/or language your child struggles with, a Speech-Language Pathologist will make a personalized plan to help your child improve. Your child may have one of the following types of delays/disorders.

Speech-Language Pathologists

Sound Delays/Disorders

A child may omit sounds, use the wrong sound, or they may know which sound to make but have trouble clearly pronouncing it. Once the Speech-Language Pathologist has narrowed down which sounds give the child difficulty, they will help the child through a series of speech exercises designed to help them. This individual speech therapy may be a long-term process, making it important to get therapy nearby, such as speech therapy in Milton.

Voice Disorders

A child may have a weak voice that cuts in and out, is too high or low, too loud or quiet, or has a nasal sound quality. This could be the result of any number of physical issues, from vocal nodules to weakness of the vocal cords, or even difficulty timing their breathing while speaking. A Speech-Language Pathologist may refer your child to a doctor to treat the physical problem underlying a voice disorder. They may also walk the child through specially tailored exercises designed to help them develop their voice.

Fluency Disorders

A child may not be able to maintain proper flow of speech, instead including unnecessary pauses and repetitions, or holding a sound longer than normal. This can take the form of stuttering. Like other speech disorders, fluency disorders are treated with tailored exercises from a Speech-Language Pathologist. When a child has a fluency disorder, they may be afraid to speak, so keeping the child motivated and positive is a key part of the therapy.

Language Delays/Disorders

Also keep in mind that there are many differing language disorders that children can present with from a lack of vocabulary, to poor understanding of instructions (receptive language), as well as formulating sentences and correct use of grammar (expressive language).  A Speech-Language Pathologist can determine what areas of language are affected and provide programming that targets specific goals which can enhance language skills.

Literacy/Reading Difficulties

Many people are unaware the training that Speech-Language Pathologists have specific to early reading and literacy skills in young students.  From the beginning stages of phonological awareness which includes sounding out words, identification of initial and ending sounds in words, blending words together and rhyming to the more advanced skills of learning the best strategies for decoding lengthier words and comprehending what has been read, all these skills can be learned with the guidance and instruction of a skilled Speech-Language Pathologist.

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