How Speech Therapy Can Help Children And Adults Overcome Issues With Stuttering

Children and adults who stutter may feel skeptical that speech therapy can help them, but new solutions are continually being developed to help those who stutter. When you work with HearSay’s Speech-Language Pathologists in Milton, you’ll learn about the latest speech therapy techniques and we’ll work with you to understand which techniques will work best for you or your child to address dysfluency (also known as stuttering). These strategies can be divided into three main categories: effective solutions, behavioural solutions, and cognitive solutions. 

Speech-Language Pathologist Milton

Effective Solutions

Stuttering brings up a lot of feelings. Children and adults alike might feel worry, shame, or guilt over their stuttering. A Speech-Language Pathologist can help you overcome these feelings with what we call effective solutions. And reducing your anxiety about your stuttering can actually reduce your stuttering—starting a positive feedback loop.

Behavioural Solutions

There are also behavioral solutions for stuttering. A Speech-Language Pathologist can teach you the physical movements necessary to help you speak clearer, slower, or with more emphasis, depending on your current speech pattern. While in the past, speech therapy for stuttering focused almost exclusively on behavioural solutions, these solutions are more effective when combined with effective and cognitive solutions.

Cognitive Solutions

Negative thoughts about speech are common in those who stutter. Cognitive solutions seek to help you combat these thoughts, so you can feel confident and self-assured. Like effective solutions, cognitive solutions help create a positive feedback loop, where you stutter less because you’re thinking positively, and can think more positively because you’re stuttering less.

Speech Therapy For Stuttering From HearSay

HearSay offers speech therapy in Milton for stuttering and many other speech issues. Our Milton Speech-Language Pathologists offer a huge variety of strategies to help you reduce your stuttering, and use a combination of techniques and strategies which are most suited to each individual taking into consideration circumstances and case history.  We know that trusting your Speech-Language Pathologist is key to helping you improve and making your therapy sessions enjoyable. Contact HearSay for speech therapy in Milton that will address your dysfluency/stuttering.


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