How Speech Therapy Can Increase Your Child’s Confidence This School Year

Children who avoid taking risks in school, like reading out loud, making presentations, or answering questions, hold themselves back from reaching their full potential. Unfortunately, children with speech and language difficulties often lack the confidence they need to fully engage in the classroom. Speech therapy in Milton at HearSay can help them gain the self-assurance they need to speak up.

Speech Therapy

Identifying A Lack Of Confidence

Speech or language delays often create lack of confidence at any age. The youngest and oldest children will simply express that lack of confidence differently.

Children as young as two years old may become overwhelmed if asked to try to read or even to speak to their classmates. They may cry, ask for their parent, or seek comfort from a teacher.

Lack of confidence can also be portrayed in behavioural issues and acting out or severe frustration and aggression which can stem from lack of the ability to communicate.  Often it is as children get older that they become more defiant when scared or overwhelmed. Older children may outright refuse to try to read or to speak to others and may shut down, or act out. They may throw tantrums or refuse to go to speech therapy. It is important to recognize this behaviour as fear and anxiety instead of rebellion. Your child needs encouragement and comforting alongside the interventions to make progress which will instill confidence as they realize their ability and potential is obtainable.

Treating A Lack Of Confidence

HearSay’s Speech-Language Pathologists in Milton have techniques to improve your child’s speech and help them regain confidence. Children often have trouble remembering what they have accomplished, so our Speech-Language Pathologists will prompt your child to remember their progress.

Our Speech-Language Pathologists become your child’s cheerleader and coach who can provide the specific feedback and encouragement your child needs to feel truly confident and build on the specific skills that they are struggling in.

Speech Therapy For Your Child’s Confidence

Speech therapy in Milton can provide your child with the lifelong skills they need to succeed, not just in areas of speech, language and literacy, but in determination, goal-setting and confidence. Our highly trained Speech- Language Pathologists in Milton will make a connection with your child to provide them the social, emotional and therapeutic support they need to take risks in the classroom and reach academic goals.

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