Speech Therapy In Milton For Teenagers & Adults

If you are looking for speech therapy in Milton you’ll want to find a professional team that has experience with you or your child’s age group: whether child, teen, or adult. Speech therapy for teens and adults requires different strategies for success to be implemented by your Speech-Language Pathologist, compared to working with children who may have issues surrounding developmental delays. Our Speech-Language Pathologists in Milton have the expertise needed to help adults and teens, and will devise custom strategies to help you/your child or family member reach their goals.

Speech Therapy In Milton

Types Of Speech Therapy For Teenagers & Adults

Speech therapy for teens and adults focuses on non-developmental issues, such as:

  • Articulation:  You know which sound is required to form a word, but you struggle to accurately produce it. People with accents may also produce a slightly different sound or emphasize different parts of a word, which may make their speech more challenging for others to understand.
  • Fluency: You involuntarily stop or start words at the wrong time. Stuttering, speaking too quickly or slowly, and other speech issues are the result of fluency issues.
  • Voice: You have trouble speaking loudly or experience a rough or hoarse voice frequently. Perhaps as the result of an illness or throat injury, you struggle to project your voice, or you speak at a higher volume than necessary.  Speech therapy can help with hoarseness, resonance, projection, and volume.

While some of these problems may have begun in childhood, you or your teen can make use of new strategies to overcome them, and our Speech-Language Pathologists in Milton can guide you.

How HearSay Helps Adults & Teens

At HearSay, we understand the challenges you’ve faced and how uncomfortable it can be to start speech therapy. Our staff are welcoming, non-judgmental, dedicated, and have the tools you need to overcome your speech challenges. Start speech therapy in Milton with us and find a Speech-Language Pathologist who is both an expert and a friend. Contact us today to get started.

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