How to Support Your Child When They Have Hearing Loss

If your child has hearing loss, or you suspect they may have hearing loss, it’s critical to get a diagnosis and the professional support they need right away. Some children are born with hearing loss that isn’t noticeable until they are older. Others suffer constant ear infections or other illnesses that impact their hearing. Some hearing loss is from chronic ear infections, where others are due to permanent nerve damage.  Whatever the cause, anything that impacts your child’s hearing will also impact their speech and language development, so it is essential to have the appropriate professionals involved with your child’s care as soon as possible.

Support Child With Hearing Loss

  1. Have their hearing tested: Speak to your pediatrician to ensure that your child’s hearing loss isn’t a symptom of a more serious issue. Then schedule an appointment to get your child’s hearing tested. That way, you and your child’s health care provider know what issues your child is facing and can develop strategies to help. HearSay offers hearing tests in Milton for both children and adults.
  2. Be patient: A child with hearing loss needs extra patience. You may find yourself repeating instructions often, or teaching your child things that seem second-nature to other children their age.  Sounds teach us a lot about our world, so those of us with hearing loss need some things explained differently as they experience the world differently.
  3. Encourage independence: Avoid doing things for your child that they’re old enough to learn how to do for themselves, such as adjusting their hearing aids, charging their hearing aids, or advocating for him/herself. If you allow your child the freedom to take care of their hearing, they will realize that they are capable and that their hearing loss won’t hinder their ability to enjoy life or be independent.
  4. Get support for yourself: Raising a child with hearing loss comes with new and different challenges. If you feel unsupported and stressed, you won’t be able to help your child as much as you could. Find a group of parents facing the same issues, talk with friends and family about challenges that arise, and practice self-care.

Find Support From HearSay For Your Child With Hearing Loss

Hearing tests in Milton is just one of the services we offer. We offer a variety of hearing-related services to help our patients with hearing loss. HearSay’s Speech-Language Pathologists will support you and your child every step of the way, from finding exercises to help their speech and language development, to finding and being fitted with the best-fitting hearing aid for their needs. Contact us today to discuss your child’s needs and to schedule a consultation.

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