Tips For Students With Hearing Loss

Students with hearing loss face special challenges at university and college. But, there are more resources than ever to help you succeed at school. If you are a student who has recently been identified with hearing loss, HearSay provides you with the following tips to achieve academic success.

  1. Use Your School’s Resources

Most schools have a department for students who need accommodations. The staff in this department are knowledgeable and will help you navigate the school’s accessibility resources. They may have assistive devices you can use, sometimes they will alert your residence or professors of your hearing loss for you, and they will be able to give you advice about any academic challenge you’re facing related to your hearing loss.

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  1. Invest In Audio Alternatives

Listening to live lectures might not be the best way for you to learn valuable information from your classes, so look into alternatives. Some professors will offer recordings of themselves, and some transcription services can help you translate recordings into text. Professors may also provide their notes or another student’s notes. You can also talk to or email professors and classmates to ask about information you might have missed, and confirm critical information about exams and tests.

  1. Scope Out The Room

Check out the classroom before the first class, so you can choose where to sit. Avoid sitting beneath noisy fans or vents, near windows, or the door. Be sure to arrive early to big lecture halls so you can sit in the front of the class.  If you read lips, and if someone tall sits in front of you, move or ask them to switch seats, so you can always see the teacher’s mouth.

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If you suspect your school performance might be affected by hearing loss, contact HearSay for a hearing test in Milton. The certified Audiologists at HearSay can provide you with listening strategies, hearing aids in Milton, and hearing devices which aid in listening. HearSay provides hearings aids as well as FM systems to aid in listening, which can make a difference in daily living as well as academic performance. Contact HearSay today to get support from our certified Audiologists.

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