HearSay provides cerumen management or earwax removal for those that tend to have an excess of earwax, which over time can collect and create a feeling of ‘blockage’ in the ears. In fact, if cerumen (earwax) builds up excessively, it can create the feeling of loss of hearing. Many of our clients will say how satisfying it is to have the earwax removed so their ears feel more ‘clear, open and unblocked.’

We all produce earwax. It is natural and normal. However, excessive earwax can block the ears and if it is not naturally migrating out of the ears it will need to be removed by someone qualified.

Removal of earwax must be done professionally to avoid risk of damage to the eardrum.

As regulated healthcare professionals, Audiologists are trained to remove earwax carefully so that there is no risk of damaging the eardrum. At HearSay, we have special equipment to irrigate the ear and clear the ear of any impacted cerumen.

FACT: Did you know that earwax is a natural bug repellent! The stickiness and odour of earwax that the human body produces is ‘designed’ as such to deter insects from crawling into our ears, and if they do happen to wander in the sticky consistency of our earwax traps the bug like fly paper so it gets stuck!

– Science

If you feel your ears might be blocked, one of our Audiologists can look in your ear to determine whether there is in fact earwax blocking your ear and the status of the wax. Hardened wax will require ear drops in order to soften the wax prior to attempting to flush the ear.

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