HearSay – Improving your quality of life.

Mission Statement:

To inspire. To innovate. To connect. To communicate.
Using language, literacy and listening to learn and thrive.

Family Values:

Yvonne and Rui Oliveira founded the HearSay Speech and Hearing Centre in 2005.  The family name ‘de Oliveira’ means ‘of the olive tree.’  The olive branch has been known as a symbol of peace and unity.  Olive trees have been known for their healing properties and improving health and wellness, as well as prevention of disease.  The olive tree also symbolizes peace, friendship and happiness.  For over 18 years, HearSay was built on this premise and continues to believe in our commitment to our community as longstanding residents of Milton. Both owners have raised their children in the Town of Milton and have been role models to the many families and children they have worked with over the years.

Our Vision:

In the winter of 2020, the global pandemic wreaked havoc on the world. There was so much uncertainty around the globe, not to mention our very own community.  In the midst of this crisis, HearSay had already begun building change by relocating to a larger centre that would allow for collaborative rehabilitation across speech, language, literacy, hearing and listening, occupational therapy, physiotherapy, psychotherapy and psychological/academic assessments, ABA therapy for the autism population as well as a host of other rehab services. 

Our move to “The Union @ 44 Main” in the core of beautiful downtown Milton allowed us to rebrand and establish ourselves in a centre that focused on the client and family as a whole so that services could be integrated ‘together as one.’  It is why the naming of the building ‘The Union’ not only honoured the history of this building as a former credit union, but moving forward it is a union of the many services needed to provide quality of life and rehabilitative programming that enhance the residents of Milton and Halton region.