HearSay Assessments Are Unique

Whether it’s as simple as misarticulation of one sound, or a more complex combination of comprehension and language, we provide a set of specific screening tests that you and your child complete together as part of our intake before deciding what, if any, more extensive tests should be administered. The screening tests span across processing, memory, literacy, speech and language tasks. Once the screening test is completed at home, a conference call is scheduled to discuss concerns and challenges which is done prior to meeting your child. We believe that gathering client history and information with parents is a critical piece of problem-solving and a child should not have to bear witness to hearing about the struggles they are having. The intake appointment is meant for parents and professional to develop the appropriate assessment tools that should be used based on questionnaires, history-taking and performance on the screening tests. Once the intake is completed, parents will have a clear roadmap as to the next steps, which formal assessments are recommended and how to proceed.

With literally hundreds of test tools available, finding the test battery that is relevant to concerns is critical in identifying area(s) of need so that programming and guidance actually targets appropriate goals.

As a centre that works collaboratively with other rehab professionals, we liaise with our extensive group and have the resources and knowledge that enables us to navigate the system and services that you, your child and your family will need in order to reach your overall goals, whether that be listening, language, literacy or overall learning in general.

One thing parents and families often confide in us is that they are frustrated with navigating the rehabilitation support services path. While doctors navigate the medical journey for you and your family, there is no one who helps families navigate the rehabilitative process when it comes to addressing communication skills, listening and processing, fine and gross motor skills, physical movement, sensory skills, vision and visual processing, self-regulation and mental health issues. This is something that the collaborative process at The Union @ 44 Main addresses and which sets us apart from services that are often disjointed.