What are low gain hearing aids?

Low Gain Hearing Aids (LGHA) are commonly used for those clients that struggle to process conversations particularly in the presence of background noise. They are commonly used for auditory processing disorder (APD).

Low-gain hearing aids (LGHA) are regular hearing aids that are specially programmed by an Audiologist to enhance speech while making loud sounds quieter and reducing background noise. Low-gain hearing aids have gained in popularity for use in cases of normal peripheral hearing, but due to difficulty in noise and/or sensory over-stimulation, the hearing aids are used to enhance the sounds that make words easier to distinguish—without making EVERYTHING louder.

There are many applications of low-gain hearing aids in order to dampen environmental noise which are difficult, if not impossible, to filter out for some individuals. However, even more important than dampening noise, LGHAs act as a treatment method to enhance and ‘brighten’ the sounds we DO want to hear so that they stand out in comparison to the ‘jumble and chaos’ of everything around us.

Low-gain hearing aids can be an effective treatment for:

  • Auditory processing disorders (APD)
  • Hyperacusis (hypersensitivity to sound and noise)
  • Misophonia (extreme reactions to noise and sounds),
  • Sensory processing disorders, Autism, ADHD
  • Tinnitus

If you or your child experience processing difficulties, memory difficulties, inattentiveness and lack of focus, or struggle with noise/intolerance, LGHAs may be an effective treatment method.

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