HearSay provides a number of speciality ear pieces. Some designs require a customized earmold impression for styles that will only fit your unique ear, and other styles which are over-the-counter styles which are standard sizes to fit any ear. While over-the counter styles are cost effective, they are not a custom fit and can fall out of the ears more easily than the custom products. The fit of over-the-counter styles are also not as secure or comfortable given that they come in a standard size (adult and child size) which may or may not be the best fit depending on the shape of your ear.

There are many styles and uses for ear pieces:

Anxiety-Reducing Filters

Provide an ear piece that helps soften the sharp edges of sound. Sharp/loud/sudden loud sounds are known to create a fight-or-flight response and escalate anxiety

APD/Noise Filters

Sound dampening filters which dampen noise, but allow the primary speaker’s voice to be heard. A good choice for those with Auditory Processing Disorders (APD), or those who are sensitive to background noise and struggle to have conversations in noise, but have normal hearing.

Dive Plugs

pressure-equalizing ear plugs which allow for pressure changes at different depths during scuba diving)

Musican molds

with varying filters to dampen sound

Noise Plugs/Ear Plugs

Completely blocks sound, and prevent excess noise exposure and industrial noise which can contribute to noise-induced hearing loss/health and safety precaution. These are also exceptional for any noisy hobbies such as hunting, woodwork or other hobbies where it is excessively noisy

Pilot Molds

custom earmold impressions for industry headsets such as those used in aviation, switchboard operators and those who wear headsets or earpieces on the job

Sleep Plugs

for those who struggle to sleep in the presence of noise such as snoring, environmental sounds, ambient noise

Swim Plugs

For those with ear tubes to prevent bacteria going into the ear or beyond the eardrum, also for those that are bothered by water entering the ear canal