Learning is a life-long process. In many regards it happens spontaneously in every day situations and is acquired naturally and even easily. However, there are often times where some elements of learning are slower to develop, or require a more structured approach to gaining skills.

Practice and repeptiveness can build skills. Sometimes it takes a little nudge to close the gap and gain a new skill, other times it may take more work, effort and ongoing practice to master. Whatever level or degree needed, areas of communication, speech/language, listening, literacy are foundational to our daily lives, to education, for socialization and ‘belonging’ as well as within the workplace in a career. In fact, learning is essential to move along to a chosen profession or career.

If communication skills are lacking, it may be difficult, if not impossible to enter the profession of choice. It is also well-documented that a lack of education can lead to undesirable behaviours which might lead to crime?